As an incentive to members to continue to challenge themselves on the shooting line, we have produced three series of achievement award badges for sale, covering Portsmouth, Frostbite and 3 dozen (A.K.A. the 252 scheme) rounds. Look
Interested in badges for your club?

Reading Archers offer these badges for sale to other clubs as an incentive to their members.

Badges are £2.00 each.

Post and Packing charges –  £1.25 for all orders up to 20 badges and £1.50 for all orders over 20 badges.


How to order badges

Orders can be placed by:

  1. Download the badge ordering form by clicking this link.
  2. Print the downloaded form.
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. Mail the filled out form and enclosed check for payment.
    The mailing address can be found at the top of the filled order form.

For inquiries about availability, please feel free to email us at

If purchasing 252-scheme badges, be sure to check the equivalence table below.



For the outdoor Frostbite round (shot in the winter), we offer awards by score in steps from 200 to 355.


3 dozen AKA the 252 scheme

The 252 scheme consists of shooting 3 dozen arrows at increasing distances with a 9-based scoring.
When a score of 252 or more is achieved, a quiver badge is awarded displaying the distance and the legend 252.
These are available at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 80 and 100 yard distances.

252 equivalence table for different archery styles

If you wish to apply the 252-scheme to shooting styles other than recurve, be sure to consult the following table for equivalent scores across different archery styles.

Distance (yds) Recurve score Compound score Longbow score Barebow score
20 252 280 164 189
30 252 280 164 189
40 252 280 164 189
50 252 280 164 189
60 252 280 164 189
80 252 280 126 164
100 252 280 101 139



For the indoor Portsmouth round, we offer awards by score in steps from 300 to 600. Typically adult badges start from a score of 400.